Fourth Sword Kiti Lappi



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Fourth Sword  by  Kiti Lappi

Fourth Sword by Kiti Lappi
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Magic worlds. Dreamworlds. Wonderlands.Parallel universes?Laura had dreamed of them most of her life. Worlds with unicorns, and dragons, and heroic men fighting monstrous foes with swords, beautiful damsels who might be rescued or be the rescuers themselves, and kind wizards in long robes who counsel wise kings or tell a humble farm boy that he is the lost prince. Where one could forget worrying about the price of gas, or getting stuck on the phone when every choice leads just to another automated answer telling you to press 1, 2 or 3, or ending up sitting next to the drunk smelly guy in the crowded bus stuck in a traffic jam...

and finding a parking spot because one can always find a place to park a horse.With a life which had not been exactly well managed reading, watching and dreaming of such worlds had offered her one of the few reliefs. But then, one ordinary evening when she is walking across the parking lot to her so called car the parking lot, the car and everything else is suddenly just gone.

And what she gets in their place does include unicorns, and maybe dragons, and magic, and handsome men with swords (and the minor annoyance of some very beautiful local damsels).And monstrous foes.Laura could have done without the monstrous foes part. Especially since they seem to have taken a special interest in her. Her realized dream is no longer a dream, it has turned into a nightmare. And in order to survive she has to become the hero.

If she can.

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