Ridiculous English Vampires Jake Sacs

ISBN: 9781847282378



216 pages


Ridiculous English Vampires  by  Jake Sacs

Ridiculous English Vampires by Jake Sacs
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 216 pages | ISBN: 9781847282378 | 8.33 Mb

Alone, broke, immortal and desperate for a drink. Three young men in Nottingham have found themselves transformed into powerful undead and realize, slowly, that they dont have a clue. The body count is mounting but theres no way to stop. Wanted by the police, the vampires head to Skegness to get away from it all. Still, life in an English seaside town is not easy for a vampire. When without-a-clue turns to without-a-hope the vampires are left with their fangs, foul language and whatever wits they may have to defend themselves. A horror comedy with a very dark sense of humour.

Ridiculous English Vampires takes a light-hearted approach to certain impracticalities of vampires immortality and their related serial murder. Violence, criminality and a bit of English lad culture mix as three men are dragged into a world they didnt know existed.

Only if they truly get their act together will they survive.

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