Bello Enzo Bear Our Space! Osanna Kazezian Rosa

ISBN: 9781497507852

Published: April 1st 2014


44 pages


Bello Enzo Bear Our Space!  by  Osanna Kazezian Rosa

Bello Enzo Bear Our Space! by Osanna Kazezian Rosa
April 1st 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 44 pages | ISBN: 9781497507852 | 10.69 Mb

Bello Enzo Bear Our Space!, is a childrens picture book. The objective of the story is one childs understanding of how important each one is! The given right of each child is emphasized when they are encouraged to assert and express their thoughts grounded on the very important notion of each human beings rights for his/her space in our cosmos. Taking space without reservation is all about being confident yet respectful to ones self and towards others. Bello Enzo Bear, as always looks forward to be with his friends at school.

In the story it is all fun and joy for himself and his friends. Bello Enzo Bear shares his day at school with his teacher Maya and friends. The story is describing the significant importance of getting together at circle time to share and learn. Teacher Maya demonstrates and reinforces the goodness and the acceptance of all in this story. Children are keen learners. Their environment must allow the space for their inner potentials to unfold. Therefore, the prepared environment with the childs welfare at its core is the essence of this whimsical story. This story paves the way for other children to feel at ease.

Children at very young age learn through their daily life experiences to interact in appropriate ways towards others and themselves. Children also learn early on in life to relate to each other in productive and positive ways. In the meantime, they develop a sense of their being while in the socially interactive environment. The interaction with their peers is treated with kindness and respect. They learn to feel balanced, secure and comfortable with their peers in their environment.

These significant elements are essential attributes to the overall well being of all. Children are the bright future and the hope of human kind. Early learning instills in children the sense of encouragement to be who they are with confidence along the way and to be accepting of others and the many differences of others.

It helps the child to feel at ease without being pressured or ridiculed when he/she is communicating with their own peers. Teacher Maya always encourages and allows the space for her young students to be expressive and encourages the development of their social skills.

She is placing an importance of social interactions in the lives of her young students. Children are encouraged and learn about the importance of: 1- appropriate behavior. 2- how each student has the privilege to be able to express their thought and opinions

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